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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Good Is Revealed As G-d

I rejoice and give thanks that G-d has revealed to me the good that is mine. I know I can claim this good for G-d has revealed it to me ... for me. My mind is open and receptive to all that I am to know and all that I am to do, to bring forth this good into physical manifestation. I realize that this good comes to me with grace and ease, and so I effortlessly allow it to demonstrate through my consciousness now. My faith in the Power of G-d to bring forth this good through me, through my mind, is absolute. I expect this good to be made manifest and I prepare my consciousness to receive it. As I align my consciousness with God-consciousness, I realize that success and prosperity fill my mind and there is nothing to obstruct the flow of the good that is mine, now. This good is a sacred gift from G-d, and I know that G-d responds to my thoughts of joy and happiness in knowing that I have accepted this good right here and right now. My mind is filled with enthusiasm as I imagine the unfoldment of all that is necessary for me to experience this good fully and completely. What a joy it is to know that G-d is so very, very good to me. And in love and thanksgiving, I in turn, share this good with all who are part of this tremendous demonstration of infinite abundance. I let this be so now. And so it is.

Keep the faith!
Rev Bates