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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Prospering in the Stillness

I get still and know that God Is right where I am, working always for my highest and greatest Good. I fill my consciousness with the Truth and allow prosperity to reign supreme within my mind. My mind is focused on God, the Good ... and all things come to me with grace and ease. I let go of any thought that claims that my prosperity is restricted or limited in any way. I know this is just the un-truth making a false claim against my senses. I let God loose in my consciousness and my imagination is enlarged in its capacity to claim a greater Good than ever before. I depend on Principle for my everything ... and Principle responds to me with grace and ease. "Before I ask" ... my Good is made manifest for my good use ... and for this, I am eternally grateful. And so it is.

Keep the faith!
Rev. Bates

Friday, July 4, 2008

Life In The Spirit Is Free

I know that the Spirit is free and unobstructed. It is Infinite; Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient. It is in me and around me, pressing against me within and without. It is the very life of me for It is the only Life there is. I recognize myself as being complete, perfect, and free. I know that Truth is subtle, yet precise, so I know and understand that I am not one with Infinite Mind, but one in It. There is no separation for God Is All. All that I think, I think in God. Every idea that I have, is an idea in God. As God is Infinite, my capacity to think, to will, to imagine, is infinite. I am never without a solution for every seeming problem, nor am I ever separated from God the Good, by any condition or circumstance that I may find myself in. My Good is Omnipresent and Omnipotent ... it is unobstructed. The Spirit is free and therefore I am free. I am free in the Spirit and that is the only true freeedom there is. I know this is so ... and I let it be so. And so it is.

Keep the faith!
Rev. Bates

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Eliminating "seeming" obstructions

The Spirit has no past. It has never been bound by any external conditions. It has always been, and forever will remain, free and independent of conditions. I am of the essence of pure Spirit. I am one with God. I know there is no limitation operating in, around or through me. There is no burden of race belief obstructing me.

It makes no difference what happened yesterday, or what has happened in the past for me or for anyone. My word is a law of elimination of all beliefs and obstructions, no matter where they may come from. I am not bound by anything that has ever happened. The Spirit is creating everything new in my life today. I am free and unfettered. I dwell in the secret place of the most High. There is no fear, no uncertainty, no hesitation, no doubt.

Everything that I do shall prosper. The doorway of opportunity is open before me today. Everything that I do, say and think is stimulated by Divine Intelligence, impulsed by Divine Love. I am guided, directed and guarded into right action. Today, goodness, abundance, happiness, joy, success and friendship are increasingly made manifest in my experience.
And so it is.
*modified from a treatment written by Dr. Ernest Holmes

Keep the faith!
Rev. Bates