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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Treatment for Retirement by K.T.

I am relaxed and calm. My mind is at rest and it is quiet and still. I take deep breaths and I am at peace.

There is one life and that life is God. God is joy and expression. God is life and fulfillment. That life is my life now. I am part of the expression and joy of life. Spirit is circulating through my life and body. I am one with the universal power.

I know and accept that retirement is just the beginning for me. I accept that my life is full of excitement, joy, and sparkle when I retire. I have wonderful things to do and the freedom I have in my life is fantastic. Any fear that I have regarding retirement are banished from my mind and replaced with thoughts of excitement. I am productive, creative, and dynamic in my retirement. I am self-motivated. I have experiences that are positive and wonderful. Money flows into my life when I am retired. Any fears that I have regarding not having enough money when I retire are replaced with thoughts of abundance. I am prosperous and abundant and have more money than I ever expected when I am retired. Money flows into my life in expected and unexpected ways. I travel when I am retired and have the money and time now to experience this. Joy is flowing through my life and I wonder why I didn’t retire before.

I thank God/Spirit/Universe for my retirement and for being able to experience the joys of retirement. I release this into the universe and trust in God to take me to higher, vigorous, and joyful days.

Keep the faith!
Rev Bates