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Friday, March 11, 2011

Living in the Spirit - Rev. Henry Bates

There is a rhythm in the Universe and I am in rhythm with it. I am enjoying this dance with Life which expresses love, joy, happiness, peace, beauty, harmony and freedom. I know that the Spirit is seeking to express all these gifts of the spirit through me and so I align my mind with the rhythm of the Spirit knowing that I can enjoy the best of times and the best of everything as my mind is filled and thrilled with the joy of being in the presence of G-d.

I am conscious, enthusiastic, and joyfully expecting to live to the fullest of all things good today and every day for I know that the Spirit is guiding me to the way to a wonderful life, now, right now, right where I am. I know that the Law of G-d responds to the impress of my thoughts and manifests in my experience as the thing that I give my attention to ... the thing that I love the most ... the thing that brings the greatest feeling of joy into my heart, my mind and my soul. I let go and let the Spirit express through me and release the imprisoned splendor of my soul, out-picturing this bliss into my every experience ... as I experience the life abundant to a greater measure than even my highest expectations. I love Life, and Life loves me back today and always.

And so it is ... Amen.

Keep the faith!
Rev. Henry Bates