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Saturday, September 22, 2018

JOY Is the Motivation

         JOY Is one of the greatest gifts we can share with each other.  Many times we overlook the opportunities to give of this wonderful gift and so we lose the opportunity to have It returned to us.  JOY Is an attribute of God that Is resident within each of us.  When we receive It and when we share It with others, we can feel it, we can even feel it move through us physically.  We know that whatever we give to anyone, we give to ourselves.  So as we take every possible opportunity to give as much JOY out to the world, the more JOY will be returned to us.

                 Imagine your Life filled with JOY.......... real JOY..... not the smiling face that we put on to cover up a heart filled with sorrow and disappointment or the smile that camouflages a mind heavy with troubles and concern. 
JOY frees the mind to accept new ideas.  JOY frees the soul to give and accept Love freely and easily.  JOY stimulates the imagination to go beyond the Life we have lived to a Life filled with richness and vitality.  But to do so, we must let go of our ego, let go of our timidity, our reserved-ness and truly let It SPRING FORTH FROM WITHIN US!

JOY has healing power.  As we allow ourselves to fully experience the JOY within, It heals our mind, It heals our heart and It heals our soul of the baggage that we drag with us from the past into the present.  "The JOY of the Lord Is upon me."  This beautiful passage from the scriptures tells us emphatically that JOY Is of G-d.  We must recognize It, we must pray for It, we must strive to embrace It in our daily lives, in our relationships with others and in all things that concern us and those we love.

JOY!  JOY!  JOY!  It is the motivating power for all desire.  Whatever it is that we want, desire, wish for or pray for, JOY Is at the heart of it!  A new car brings us greater JOY, a new home brings us greater JOY, a wonderful, loving relationship brings us JOY!  JOY Is the motivation behind all desires for Good.  "THERE IS GOOD FOR ME AND I OUGHT TO HAVE IT," this Is the thought of Truth that leads us to G-d, to move us to increase our spiritual awareness.  This thought creates in us dissatisfaction with the mundane, with a Life rife with struggle and fear.  This thought is with us at all times but often we will repress it, refuse to allow it.  It can even begin to evoke fear within our minds, fear that what we have is all we can have,  fear that what we have experienced in the past is pretty much what we will experience in the future.  But this Is not the Truth if we are willing to increase our Consciousness of JOY.

                 It takes strength to create JOY, especially when the conditions and circumstances of our lives are frustrating to us. 
But we must unite with that Divine Fire within us or we become an isolated spark.  We are strong only when we are united with gift of G-d; Joy, Love, Happiness, Harmony, Peace, Light.  As soon as our consciousness is detached from the spiritual Good, we can no longer draw from that inexhaustible reservoir of eternal existence, so we become exhausted - joy-less, as though there is nothing to fall back on.

                 Life Is one perfect Wholeness.  The Universe is One.  G-d Is One. 
IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR US TO FEEL SEPARATED FROM THE SPIRIT WITHOUT FEELING LOST AND IN WANT.  This is why Jesus said he could do nothing of himself, but could work only as the currents of divinity ran through his personal mentality.  That subtle something which runs through all things and which we call G-d, that energy without which nothing can be energized, that Life without which nothing can live, that Power without which nothing can move, and that Spirit without which nothing can be - IS G-D - THE JOY OF G-D energizing our thoughts, our mind, our soul and our physical body.  It is only as we live in conscious union with the Spirit, and consciously let It work through us and as us, can we really live.

Pray for JOY - declare JOY as manifest in every area of your Life.  Feel the JOY in every experience that you are having knowing that no matter what is going on, the energy of JOY will propel you into your highest and greatest Good.  SHARE THE JOY WITHIN YOU WITH EVERYONE AT EVERY POSSIBLE OPPORTUNITY!  GIVE JOY FROM THAT INFINITE SOURCE OF JOY WITHIN YOU AND IT WILL RETURN TO YOU MULTIPLIED ABUNDANTLY!  I GUARANTEE IT!!!