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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Living in an Atmosphere of Gratitude

As I recognize G-d, Infinite Spirit, I recognize that G-d is doing Its perfect through me. I realize that there is only One Life, that Life Is G-d … and that Life is my Life now and always. In this understanding that G-d lives-in-me, I know and I declare the Truth that my every Good desire is G-d’s desire for me … and as I mentally contemplate and see the Good results in my Life, I realize that my Life is abundant with love, happiness, peace and every Good thing that is necessary for my continued fulfillment of my purpose on this Earth and beyond. My life is a marvelous expression of G-d’s ever-lasting Love and I freely accept and share all the Good that comes to me. I am more than thankful … more than appreciative … I live a blessed Life that is forever grateful at all times to G-d … to those in my Life experience and for All things. I recognize that Gratitude connects me with G-d at all times and I surrender my heart, mind and soul to the Infinite ... letting this be so, now.

Keep the faith!

Rev Bates