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Saturday, November 24, 2007

November 24, 2007 & not of the world

In metaphyiscs we understand that all things come to us through our consciousness, and in our awareness that our consciousness is One with God-Consciousness, we know that our Good is always assured. This assurance comes from knowing that our Source is "not of the world" ... but is God, Infinite Spirit ... It Is Spirit and It Is Principle ... and as we understand Its Nature, we use It for it is It's "good pleasure" that we do:

As I recognize God, Infinite Spirit, I recognize It as Universal Principle ... available to All. As I understand the Principle, I accept that I am using It as It expresses more fully through me ... through my consciousness. I am never concerned about the conditions and circumstances in the physical, for I know that my consciousness is "not of the world" ... and this is where my power is ... and my wisdom, my peace, and my joy. I live the good life for I understand and demonstrate the Principle of Life; health, prosperity, loving companionship, success and all good things. There is no obstructions as my mind is always One with the "Un-Obstructed Principle" that moves ever so gracefully through my experiences with Power and Wisdom. My Good is always right on time and I am always blessed in the most marvelous ways. My gratitude is for knowing this as the Truth for me and for everyone .... today and all-ways. And so it is.

Keep the faith!
Rev. Bates

Friday, November 23, 2007

November 23, 2007 & Intelligent Guidance

There is only Omnipresent God ... Infinite Intelligence ... and I am surrounded by this Infinite Intelligence which responds to me ... to my thoughts and the beliefs that I have accepted. I know that this Infinite Intelligence is with me now and I use It for there is no Intelligence apart from It. I accept that my mind is One with this Intelligence and It guides me to right action in all things. I easily make decisions and I act on them as I am guided to do so. I know that as my awareness of my Oneness with this Infinite Intelligence is lifted up, I choose my words wisely in order to demonstrate my highest and greatest Good at all times. I know that my life is a success story for Infinite Intelligence has guided me towards success at all times. I realize that the abundant life is mine, for Intelligence guides me to make decisions that prosper me. I am very grateful for all things that come to me, for I know that Intelligence always guides me to solutions and greater joy in my experience. I believe and accept that Infinite Intelligence inspires me to always know that there is more and more Good to be experienced, and I am open and receptive to this greater experience of Good, now. And so it is.

Keep the faith!
Rev. Bates

Thursday, November 22, 2007

November 22, 2007 & Meditation of Thankfulness

This meditation was written by Dr. Robert Bitzer, who was one of the greatest teachers of the Science of Mind. I have read it each year on Thanksgiving, 3-7 times to really get in the spirit of it ... I invite you to do so as well:

by Robert Bitzer

I thank Thee,
That Thou has made me in the image and likeness
Of Thine own Divinity.
That Thou has held me close to the heart of
Thine Infinity.
And warmed me with the presence of Thy
Divine Love.

I thank Thee,
That Thou has breathed into me the courage
To move ever forward
That my faith is made perfect in works
Fulfilling Thy Divine purpose.
That Thy unlimited Power
Fills me.

I thank Thee,
That Thy loving tenderness gives me a deep insight
Into the lives of those around me.
That compassion makes me see beyond their struggles
That loving kindness helps me lift them
Above their weakness and confusion
And makes them strong.

I thank Thee,
That Thy goodness surrounds me
That within me thou hast created the desire for Good.
That Thou are revealed in my Infinite Self and
In every person, every place and in everything
I find Thee.

I thank Thee.

Keep the faith!
Rev. Bates

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

November 21, 2007 & Invisible Good

As we think of all that we are thankful for, let us not forget the Invisible Good that awaits our recognition of It. As we claim our Good by recognizing that we "have" it already, we can be assured it will manifest in the right and perfect time. Let's know this is so:

Knowing that the bountiful Spirit of God is not limited to time and space, I know and accept that my Good is not limited to what I see. I am thankful for the great invisible Good that is mine and I claim it now. There is no limit to the Good that is mine for it comes from an infinite supply. And I attract this Good to me by never placing a limit on the measure of Good that I accept. As with the Master Mind Jesus, I can declare and know that "all that the Father hath is mine" ... and as I realize this as the Truth for me ... I accept a greater and greater Good through my contemplation of it. I am truly grateful for knowing that the gift has already been given ... and the acceptance is mine with grace and ease. And so it is.

Keep the faith!
Rev. Bates

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

November 20, 2007 & Joy Divine

As we practice treatment and remain faithful, we experience a divine joy as we realize that the results that we receive, are the results that we have conceived. There is truly no greater joy to experience than the knowing that God-Mind has responded to our faith in It. Let us know together that this experience is available to all:

I rejoice and give thanks for knowing that God Is Mind, and that this Mind is my mind now. In this awareness, I know and I know that I know, that Mind responds to me. I enliven my imagination to think beyond any ideas of the past, and I think into Mind a greater and more expansive experience of life for me, now. I am ready to experience this greater abundant life and my mind is filled with the vision and images of success, prosperity, great joy, and happiness. I know that the Good that I seek is enough to share and to spare. My vision is one of inclusiveness ... a greater Good for all who accept their part in it. I know that God has given me this vision ... and the willingness to step up to a higher level of responsibility, mentally and emotionally. I know that God-in-the-midst-of-me strengthens me and sustains me with confidence and all that is necessary to demonstrate this Great Work that God has delegated me to do. I know that in spirit, I already have ... and I am filled with a deep gratitude for it. I accept my role in this demonstration and my place in the Universe ... and I let God do Its Great Work in me, for me and as me ... now. And so it is.

Keep the faith!
Rev. Bates

Monday, November 19, 2007

November 19, 2007 & Ever-Lasting Love

For those of you who are familiar with the Bible scriptures, you may know this passage from the Book of Jeremiah, "I have loved you with an everlasting love" ... and in this single statement, we can know that God's Love for us is unconditional. It is in these simple revelations of Truth that we can realize that even in the primitive cultures of biblical times, the Truth was being revealed to us. Let us accept this Truth for ourselves and all others now:

Knowing that God Is Love and Love Is God, I unify with this Love in my awareness of my Oneness with God, Infinite Spirit. This Love flows through me and fills my consciousness with the Truth of God's Love for me and for everyone. I can accept that this Love which soothes my soul is ever-lasting ... it is unconditioned ... and that nothing can separate me from realizing and accepting this as the Truth for me. "Besides me there is none other," the ancient scripture reads, and I know this means there is no power other than the Power of Love in my life and in the world in which I live. There is no doubt in me and no fear in me, for Love never forsakes me. I am not subject to the shadowed thinking of the masses for I know that the Truth knows no opposition, for Truth is God, and I am assured and confident that God Is Love ... and so I accept with gratitude and joyous receptivity this ever-lasting Love of the Divine in my life now. And so it is.

Keep the faith!
Rev. Bates

Sunday, November 18, 2007

November 18, 2007 & Be Real

God Is everywhere Present ... and in this awareness we can know that God is with us in the best of times and in the most seeming trying of times. A mystic wrote that God "is closer to us than breathing" ... so we know that we must "be real" or "authentic" when we approach God, Infinite Spirit. And this means that we don't use words we don't understand; we don't get on our knees, we don't have to close our eyes, nor do we have to change the tone of our voice so we "sound" more "spiritual" ... God will not be mocked by our lack of authenticity ... God wants You to BE YOU ... whatever that YOU may be at any given time ... Its unique, divine, expression of Itself. Let's affirm this now:

In the awareness that God and I are One, I understand and know that there is no separation from God, Infinite Spirit ... that I am in It and It is in me ... this is the Truth for me now and always. I realize that every Good desire I have, God desires this Good for me. I accept my Good and a greater Good every day, for myself and for all others. I feel at One with God ... at One with Life, at One with Truth ... I am in the Spirit ... and I feel marvelous about it! And so it is.

Keep the faith!
Rev. Bates