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Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Believe In The Best

I rejoice and give thanks for the best of times and the best of everything ... and I let these words be my contract with G-d, Infinite Spirit. As I know that G-d only desires the very best of everything for me, I accept the best without hesitation. My mind is in tune with the Infinite Good and I imagine my life filled with the best of health, the best of friends, and the best of everything. I have divorced myself from my old ways of thinking and I truly and forever embrace only that in my mind which appeals to me and gives me a greater sense of enthusiasm and joy for living. In embracing the best, my mind is vitalized with an energy and faith that consistently demonstrates only Good in my experiences. In this consciousness, I love my life and I share this love with all those who I come into contact with, knowing that as I affirm the love in everyone and all things, I am expanding the capacity within myself to accept and believe in only the very best that G-d has prepared for me.
And so it is.