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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Greater Possibilities Are Yours Now!

From Dr. Ernest Holmes: There is always a greater possibility available to you. There is a Divine Strength and an infinite Wisdom at the center of your being, ever waiting to be released. It will enable you to put more into life and living and to take more out, also. A limitless Creativity expresses through all that is, and It is always seeking a fuller channel of expression through you. Recognize that It exists and accept Its action in your life.
I now lift up my whole thought to the inflow of Divine Strength and infinite Wisdom.
I know that I am in a silent partnership with God-today, tomorrow and every day.
I accept the creative action and direction of the Spirit within me.
I know that new doorways are opened, that new opportunities for self-expression are now presenting themselves.
New ideas are coming into my mind.
I am meeting new situations.
I expect to accomplish and achieve.
Divine Intelligence flows through me, inspiring me, directing me into ever more worthwhile goals of creative endeavor.
God guides me in every way and new horizons of joyous living continually open up before me.
I accept the fullness of Life this moment.
And so it is!

Keep the faith!
Rev Bates