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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Perfect Fulfillment Established

There is within me a Power that is complete and unshakable. This Power within me is the Spirit which I call God. I realize that this Power is within all people. It is God-in-me that has this awareness and It reveals Itself to me through everything that I see. I know and I know that I know, that Spirit responds to me ... to my word, my thoughts, my imagination and my visualizations ... for I am of It and in It, always and forever. In this moment I recognize this Truth for me and for everyone, knowing that this relationship with the Divine is immutable and eternal. I am definite and positive that my Good comes to me daily. Daily I accept health, happiness, harmony, joy, love, peace and abundant success and prosperity. I have no needs as I am always supplied with all that is necessary for the good life. I know that Spirit works for my Good in all things with grace and ease. I am never without a solution, for my awareness of my relationship with God is my solution for any seeming difficulties. I always know what I need to know when I need to know it ... and I always have what I need to have when I need to have it. My life is aligned with right action and right timing. I know and I believe that God-in-me manifests abundance through my consciousness of wealth and infinite supply. My consciousness is free of anything unlike Good ... and I am free, happy and grateful for everything that is mine to experience ... perfect fulfillment is established in my consciousness ... now. ... and so it is!

Keep the faith!
Rev. Bates