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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Health Is G-d Expressing As Me, For Me

As I recognize the All-ness of G-d, Infinite Spirit, I recognize that all that is of value; health, happiness, love, joy, peace, wisdom and beauty ... are of G-d. I know that all these gifts of the Spirit are within me. It is natural and beautiful to let the expression of the Divine flow through my mind, my heart and my soul. I am never without the gifts of the Spirit for they are always available to me, immediately as I recognize and claim them as mine. My health is the Spirit's Health sustaining and maintaining my physical being in perfect order and synchronicity. The Life of the Spirit lives within me, physically, mentally and emotionally. I am a part of this Health of G-d, a part of this Perfection, Completeness and Wholeness. The Creator has expressed Itself in me, as me, and for me. All the Health that I will ever realize is G-d expressing Itself through me; physical health, mental well-being, emotional balance. All these and more create within me the capacity and the ability to expand this life of mine into a greater expression of the One Life that is G-d. My health, success, wealth, loving companionship ... are all the gifts that I have accepted from the One Source of All-Good, G-d. I am immensely blessed because I accept all the Good that is mine to experience. Each and every day I give thanks for G-d, for the Good, and for this gift of life, eternal. I know that Health is Life and Life is G-d ... there is no separation, only G-d expressing Its Life infinitely individualized as me and as every living thing. I am grateful for this awareness, thankful for this understanding ... and blessed for knowing that besides G-d, there is none other. One G-d, One Good, available to All, right now, right where I am and right where you are. And so it is. Amen.