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Friday, December 12, 2008

Perfect Union With Spirit

In this moment I am recognizing the only One there Is, G-d, Infinite Spirit. In the nature of Jesus I declare that I am One with the One. It is expressing Itself through me, as me, and for me to the level of my willingness to "let It." Right now, in this moment, I let It expess Itself through me as health, as happiness, as peace and as joy. I exalt this Presence in my mind, knowing that It is the very life of me. It is my every-thing ... my power, my confidence, my strength and my intelligence. In quiet confidence, I let It move through my mind to guide me and to direct me to that which is for my highest and greatest Good. I surrender to It and dismiss the ramblings of my ego-mind that denies this Perfect Union with Spirit. I know that my blessings, my help, and my Good is always present, for G-d, Infinite Spirit is always pressing against me, surrounding me and dwelling within me as all things Good. I accept this as the truth for me now and for everyone, for I know that no one is left outside of the kingdom of G-d. I am blessed with gratitude and love for the awareness of this Perfect Union with Spirit. I know it is so ... and I let it be so, now.
And so it is!

Keep the faith!
Rev Bates