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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Spirit Is Moving Me To Accept ...

The Spirit is moving me to accept that Its Power, Its Presence, and Its Intelligence, is guiding me and directing me to a greater and greater experience of Good in All things. I know that this spark of the Divine within me is the very Life of me and this Life lives in me, as me, and through me eternally. There is not one moment that this Spirit is not moving me to accept the Good in everything that comes into my experience. I accept that Good is always present, always available and always recognized by me. Never am I without that which is required for me to express this Life of Spirit gloriously and dynamically in my life experience. I use the Power of the Infinite to choose, to create, and to live to the highest and best that I can imagine for myself. I live and express love, peace, joy, happiness, abundance and all things Good, freely and with grace and ease. I let the Spirit be revealed in all that I do, all that I am, and in all that I say ... always, in recognition that my Good comes from an infinite Source desiring to express more of Itself through me, as me, and for me. And in this recognition, this realization, I feel that deep sense of gratitude that moves me forever onward and upward into the highest realm of spiritual expression.
And so it is!

Keep the faith!
Rev Bates