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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Making the Best, Better by Rev. Henry Bates

I know that the Spirit makes the best, better. As I recognize G-d, Infinite Spirit, I know that my mind is recognizing something so infinite that my mind cannot fathom It fully, yet, the Spirit is more personal to me than even the sound of my voice. It is beyond me, within me, pressing against me, closer to me than breathing. G-d is Power, Intelligence and Present at every point throughout this vast Universe. It is right where I am, and where I am going. Always available, always responsive, and absolutely loves me. I know that I am a part of this infinite Presence, this Intelligence, and this Power. I am Its creation and Its incarnation, for It has imparted a measure of Itself within me. I know that all the peace, all the joy, all the happiness, all the beauty, all the health and harmony that is within me, is G-d. Being part of Its infinity, I too, am spirit, life and intelligence.

Knowing that I am here to express more of the Spirit, more of the Good, that is G-d, I am consciously aware that my desires are G-d's desire to express Itself through me. In this awareness, I open my mind to an expansion of the good that I possess and let my mind be filled with more and more good; success, healthy relationships, physical and mental health, emotional stability, and a great passion for life. I accept more good, more abundance, more joy, more love, more money and more of every good thing that appeals to me as Spirit flows through me to make the best, better. I know that I can claim the abundance that is mine, and I claim it now.

I declare that my word is G-d's Word for me ... and I speak my word with clarity as I definitely choose to accept and experience the abundant life now. I am affluent in the Spirit, generously provided for, cared for, and secure in knowing that G-d is my Source, my life, and my joy.

As I release these words, gratitude fills my heart, my mind and my soul for I know that all that comes to me is good and very good ... for all is G-d, making the best, better.
And so it is.

Keep the faith!

Rev Bates