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Saturday, April 12, 2008

April 11-12, 2008 & Thanking God

I rejoice and give thanks that I am willing to "wait on the Lord" .. the "Law of my mind" to bring forth into my experience the Greater Good that I accept as mine. I know that my relationship with God is one of unity, and therefore, I can know and know that I know, that God-in-me agrees with the Good that I choose for myself. I foster and nurture the Truth that God is forever and ever giving to me that which is for my highest and greatest Good. There is nothing whatsoever that is withheld from me. My Good is here and now, for my God is here and now. My deep gratitude and innate generosity attract to me the best of times and the best of everything ... now. And so it is!

Keep the faith!
Rev. Bates

Thursday, April 10, 2008

April 10, 2008 & My Miracle

This is such an incredible spiritual poem, I know that it will benefit all who read it ... just like a treatment or prayer. It is written by James Dillett Freeman and is included in his book, "Be!" ...
Why must I seek forever for a sign
Instead of looking for the light within?
It is not in the skies the light will shine
But in myself God's glimmer will begin
And grow. If I would find Him let me
Not vainly for strange visions, but in me.
I shall not hear His voice unless I speak
Kind words; I shall not see Him till I see
Him in the small, unnoticed, everyday
Good deeds of a good life; I shall not find
My miracle in any other way
Save by the transformation of my mind.

Keep the faith!
Rev. Bates

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

April 9, 2008 & Life Is Good!

Moving through this day with my mind filled with gratitude and the recognition that God is right where I am, I feel a gladness in my heart that is thrilling. I know and I know that I know that everything that is necessary for my greatest and highest Good is right here where I am. No matter what appearances may come to my awareness, I know that my Good cannot be denied and that all things result in a greater Good than what the appearances may suggest. I am never without the wise guidance of Infinite Spirit as my mind is always attune to the Infinite impulse to guide me and direct me in all things. Each day I meet with opportunities to go Higher in my awareness of my One-ness with Spirit and with all things and all people. I am never distracted by that which appears in my world, for I know that beyond all things, Spirit reigns Supreme and I am filled with the Love and Joy in knowing that Life Is Good ... All the time!! And so it is.

Keep the faith!
Rev. Bates

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

April 8, 2008 & Every Need Is Met

This treatment was written by Dr. Robert H. Bitzer:
"With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation." - PSALM 91:16
I cultivate thankfulness and gratitude because I know that such attitudes establish the pattern of my acceptance. There is no belief in ungratefulness in me - regarding myself or anyone else. I appreciate myself and everyone in my life.
I appreciate each individual for the unique place which he fills in my expression. I appreciate whatever I have to offer in friendship or in ability. I am grateful because each idea fulfills its own mission. Just as I do not expect figs from rose bushes, I do not make impossible demands upon myself or others. I give thanks that always I can be that which I should be in any particular expession. I give thanks that I attract the right person for each need, the right mechanic, the right automobile, the right accountant, the right salesman, the right purchasers, the right builder, the right person for each experience. Always rightness governs.

Keep the faith!
Rev. Bates

Monday, April 7, 2008

April 7, 2008 & Friendship

ON FRIENDSHIP by Ernest Holmes
Preface ...the person who sees what they want to see, regardless of what appears, will someday experience in the outer world what they have so faithfully seen within . . . The God of love cannot hear the prayer of the one who fails to love. In our meditation for friendship, let us make our unity with all people, with all life.

Treatment: God in me is united with God in all. This One in now drawing into my life all love and fellowship. I am one with all people, with all things, with all life. As I listen in the silence, the voice of all humanity speaks to me and answers the love that I hold out to it.

The great love which I now feel for the world is the Love of God, and it is felt by all and comes back to me from all. I understand all people and this understanding is reflected back to me from all. I give friendship and therefore I have friends. I help, therefore I am helped. I uplift, therefore, I am uplifted. I am now surrounded by all love, all friendship, all companionship, all health, all happiness, all success. I am one with life. I wait in the silence while the Great Spirit bears this message to the whole world.

Keep the faith!
Rev. Bates

Sunday, April 6, 2008

April 6, 2008 & I AM THERE

by James Dillet Freeman
Do you need Me ? I am there.
You cannot see Me, yet I am the light you see by. You cannot hear Me, yet I speak through your voice. You cannot feel Me, yet I am the power at work in your hands.
I am at work, though you do not understand My ways. I am at work, though you do not understand My works. I am not strange visions. I am not mysteries.
Only in absolute stillness, beyond self, can you know Me as I AM, and then but as a feeling and a faith.
Yet I am here. Yet I hear. Yet I answer. When you need ME, I am there. Even if you deny Me, I am there. Even when you feel most alone, I am there. Even in your fears, I am there. Even in your pain, I am there.
I am there when you pray and when you do not pray. I am in you, and you are in Me. Only in your mind can you feel separate from Me, for only in your mind are the mists of "yours" and "mine". Yet only with your mind can you know Me and experience Me.
Empty your heart of empty fears. When you get yourself out of the way, I am there. You can of yourself do nothing, but I can do all. And I AM in all.
Though you may not see the good, good is there, for I am there. I am there because I have to be, because I AM.
Only in Me does the world have meaning; only out of Me does the world take form; only because of ME does the world go forward.
I am the law on which the movement of the stars and the growth of living cells are founded.
I am the love that is the law's fulfilling. I am assurance. I am peace. I am oneness. I am the law that you can live by. I am the love that you can cling to. I am your assurance. I am your peace. I am ONE with you. I am.
Though you fail to find ME, I do not fail you. Though your faith in Me is unsure, My faith in you never wavers, because I know you, because I love you.
Beloved, I AM there.

Keep the faith!
Rev. Bates