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Friday, May 20, 2011

Convince Yourself, First - Rev. Henry Bates Radio

The audio on this video is from "The Way to a Wonderful Life" Radio program:

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Eliminate Fear from the Subconscious Mind

This treatment was written by Kim Trout:

My mind is relaxed. I take three deep breaths and breathe in and out. I am relaxed and calm.

There is one life and that life is God. God is love and harmony; joy and happiness. God is divine right order and divine direction. God is one and the only power there is. Everything flows in and through God.

That life is my life now. Pure light and pure energy flow through me now and I am one with the power that created me. My mind is connected with the one infinite mind and knowledge, joy, love, and happiness’s pour through my spirit which is connected to God.

I claim now that in my subconscious and conscious mind that all fear is eliminated. I release the past that I have held onto and I am now a new confident person. The quality of my life is improved and I am safe in the universe. I accept change in my life and know that ahead of me are many new opportunities and wonderful experiences and I go for them all. The fear of poverty and the fear of loneness is out of my subconscious and conscious mind forever. I eliminate and say no to every negative and destructive fearful thought I have ever had or have. I am always protected at all times. I am in harmony with nature at all times and all is well. I sleep and move in complete safety. Nature protects me at all times and I am secure at all times. The universe always says yes to me. I rise above all negative thoughts and emotions. I have no limitations and health, wealth, and loving relationships are mine now. I see my magnificence now and others see it. By erasing all fear and negative thoughts from my life now, I let my light shine and know that God is directing me with divine right order. I am in the right place at the right time.

I thank God/Spirit/Universe for this gift of love and elimination of all fear in my life. I thank God for guiding me to trust the process of life. I am grateful that life is supporting me at all times and I have peace and harmony in my life now.

I now release this into the universe, knowing that I am in safe hands at all times, whether I am retired or camping in the forest or swimming in the ocean. I now let go and let God.
And so it is.