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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dr. Joseph Murphy - Special Prayer for Eyes and Ears

I am the Lord that healeth me. My vision is spiritual, eternal, and a quality of my consciousness. My eyes are Divine ideas, and they are always functioning perfectly.

My perception of spiritual Truth is clear and powerful. The light of understanding dawns in me; I see more and more of God's Truth every day. I see spiritually; I see mentally; I see physically. I see images of Truth and Beauty everywhere.

The infinite Healing Presence is now, this moment, rebuilding my eyes. They are perfect, Divine instruments, enabling me to receive messages from the world within and the world without. The glory of God is revealed in my eyes.

I hear the Truth; I love the Truth; I know the Truth. My ears are God's perfect ideas, functioning perfectly at all times. My ears are the perfect instruments which reveal God's harmony to me. The love, beauty, and harmony of God flow through my eyes and ears; I am in tune with the Infinite. I hear the still, small voice of God within me. The Holy Spirit quickens my hearing, and my ears are open and free. Amen.

Keep the faith!

Rev. Bates

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Prosperity Promises Kept

Recognizing that G-d, Infinite Spirit, is All-Knowing and All-Present, I feel the deepest and highest level of trust in turning to the Presence, always. Infinite Intelligence is always available, accessible and personal to me and to everyone, now.
Knowing that Intelligence reigns Supreme in the Universe, I know this Intelligence guides and directs me in all things and in all ways. This Intelligence is within me, and is the guiding light that inspires me with ideas, images and thoughts that prosper me. This Intelligence is within, pressing against me, and surrounds me, now.
In this moment I declare that all that I need is mine when I need it. This is the true prosperity that is always present in my life experience. I realize that all my hopes and desires are made manifest in the right and perfect time and in the right and perfect way. I let the Spirit create for me that which is always for my highest and greatest good, knowing that Infinite Mind always fills in the pieces that I might not conceive. I let the prosperity thoughts and ideas fill my mind with faith and confidence that as I align my mind with the One Mind, the All-Good that is G-d, becomes my ever-present experience.
Today, I accept a greater and greater good in all things; success, prosperity, happiness, health, peace, joy and the beauty of the Spirit as It is made manifest through my action of thought and my activity of faith. I accept my blessings today and share these blessings with all in my world of experience. It is a joy to realize the deeply-felt gratitude that is mine today as the Infinite's prosperity promises are kept and realized in my experience.
And so it is.

Keep the faith!
Rev. Bates