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Saturday, December 18, 2010

"There Is A Power Within You"

This is the affirmation I use to open the radio program.  We also repeat this each Sunday here in Palm Springs at the church.  I suggest that each person declare this for themselves at least once each day ... Peace and blessings, Rev-Henry Bates

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"The Way To A Wonderful Life" - prosperity series clip 2

This is the clip that follows the first one I posted from the radio program "Prosperity Series":

"The Way To A Wonderful Life"

This is a "clip" from the "Prosperity Series" presented on the radio program:

Keep the faith!
Rev-Henry Bates

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Enlarge Your Vision - Dr. Frank E. Richelieu

From Dr. Frank Richelieu's amazingly wonderful book, "The Art of Being Yourself":

Today, I expand my idea of myself. Today I expand my concept of myself. Today I expand my belief in myself. What I believed yesterday belongs to yesterday. What is important is what I believe today.

I expect to be joyously and spiritually fed. Consciously and subconsciously I accept the fulfillment of my vision. I feel it is the truth of my being now. I feel renewed. I let it go. I now release it completely to Universal Law.

I am part of this great Power within me. Through me, it creates after the pattern I give it. I decree the desires of my heart, knowing they will be fulfilled.

I am a creative individual. I stimulate my consciousness with possibilities of the new and the unusual. Nothing is ordinary. I see possibilities I have never seen before. As these possibilities grow and bear fruit, they benefit others as well as myself. Whatever I do is for the good of all concerned.

Right within me is this unfathomable well of consciousness which contains all wisdom. I draw from it daily. It gives me the ability to succeed. It gives me the know-how to achieve. It gives me mastery over my life. It stimulates me to new growth and activity.

I let Spirit be my stimulus to new and fruitful activity. I realize I have only just begun. Come on, Life, I am with you!

And so it is.

Keep the faith!
Rev. Henry Bates