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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Making Good Use of the Power Within Me

As I recognize, G-d, Infinite Spirit, I recognize Power, All-Power. And I recognize All-Love, All-Joy and All-Good. I know this Power seeks to express Itself though me, for that is Its Nature. It is Present with me now, in me, through me, surrounding me, pressing against me. It is calling me to keep faith with It, to worship It by giving It my absolute faith and trust. I know that there is nothing but this Power ... nothing to oppose It ... nothing to block Its flow into my experience as peace, harmony and love. In this moment, I identify with It, knowing that It is the Presence that lives through me, as me, and for me. It indwells me as Creative Mind, revealing to me desires for Good and more Good for me now. I accept that the Good that I seek is mine now, for this Power brings it forth into my experience with grace and ease. I have no time for worry, doubt, or fear ... for these things are but shadows of past thinking that can no longer be sustained and maintained in my mind. My thoughts are on G-d, the Good ... and they fill me up with enthusiasm, with joy, with knowing and realizing that the more Good I embody, the more Good I embrace, the more Good I accept ... the more of G-d that is revealed in my every experience. I embrace this Truth mentally, emotionally and spiritually, now.
And so it is!

Keep the faith!
Rev Bates