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Monday, October 25, 2010

"That Life Is In Me Now" - Ernest Holmes

The following is an example of a treatment which creates a demonstration:
Realize you have nothing to make, you have nothing to make it out of. Let us realize there is but one Infinite Life from which all things come. Look beyond all manifestation and see the One Power, Essence of All That Is, beside which there is nothing else. That life is in me now; That Life is in me now.
Now, my word is to go forth; everybody must think it through for themselves as I am thinking it through for myself. Your word is just as much as mine; my word goes forth into this power and it shall be done unto me absolutely as I believe.
I believe that the Spirit or Intelligence hears this word and receives it and acts upon it.
There is nothing in me, no doubt or fear, that can hinder it. That thing which calls itself doubt or limitation and fear is not any part of me. It is not me. This word which I speak destroys every false concept, every man-made law, every race suggestion of limitation, and knows itself to be power, and perfect, and eternal, and complete, and omnipotent. It is the law which cannot be broken.
That word which is within me and around me, the divine activity of the Spirit which is eternal, drawing to me, presenting me with every good and perfect thing, surrounding me with its own limitless activity and power, operating within me as the power and center of infinite attraction. The great impulse of this Spirit is love and expression, to express life. Therefore, this word goes forth with an irresistible power; nothing can stand against it. It returns unto me fulfilled in my life as activity, as supply, and if I desire some special activity I will say that this word, this great Mind which knows every living soul, knows that particular person that has need of that; I have and will draw them to me, and I need never know until they come.
Mind knows all, is in all, flows through all, and within and without all and encompasses all. And so that person who comes shall be benefited even as I shall be benefited.
Now I consciously unify myself with all of the activities of power and of right on earth. I am one with all the wealth of the earth and the air and the sea and the land, and everything that is in the universe is mine to use.
And behind it all, and in and through and in and around it all, permeating myself and the thought and the law, is the living spirit and presence of that Being whom we call God Almighty, the One and Only Presence, Divine and Eternal Power, the Infinite Companion.
Thou God Eternal, Thou has heard my prayer and I am blessed.
This word, then, which I speak is absolute, complete, changeless, eternal truth, forever.
Just realize it. Let it go and realize that it is taken up by the power which knows. That is all there is to making a demonstration. You must believe it as the great reality of your life.

And so it is.

Keep the faith!