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Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Law of Mind - Dr. Robert H. Bitzer

Even though this is not a prayer-treatment, it explains so much that we should be aware of when we read, write or speak spiritual treatments, that I decided to post it here:

by Dr. Robert H. Bitzer

Creative Mind is always creative. That is the law of its own being. It does not know that when we think thoughts of despair and entertain fear we do not desire it to create these conditions. But it must obey our thought. Since we have the power to choose that which we shall think we can reject the thought that we do not want to objectify and consciously choose the thoughts which will create the type experience which we desire.

This choice must be backed up by conviction. We must get the feeling of our thought objectifying. It is this conviction, or feeling, that gives thought its power. Our negative thoughts sometimes carry stronger emotional feelings than out positive thoughts. Therefore, it is necessary to cultivate strong feeling regarding our constructive desire. As we think about it and mentally live that which we desire to express, our conviction about it will grow. Feeling gives thought the warmth necessary for gestation.

The more we cultivate strong emotional feelings such as joy, enthusiasm and zeal, the greater power we will give to our word. Through choice of words we control our optimism and good cheer. We can expect things to work out right. We can anticipate good. In this way we discover the law of right action always operating to fulfill our positive, constructive word. As we think at the center of our being, where all is good, our power assumes form. Positive-ness is the only law of being. Thus our constructive word comes to fruition.<>

Keep the faith!
Rev Bates