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Saturday, April 2, 2011

God Restores Me to Perfect Health by Dr. Ernest Holmes

            The Spirit within me is God, that Spirit is perfect.  That Spirit is divine, whole, happy, complete.  Spirit of Infinite Peace is with me, that Peace - poised in perfect life, complete in perfect happiness - that Spirit within me is God and is Whole.  That Wholeness is perfect now.
            God is immediate Presence and an immediate Experience in my mind and soul, and I am conscious of this Perfect Presence, this Divine Wisdom, this Eternal Wholeness.  Now I recognize that the Principle of Life is in me and around me and operates through me; that It has no want, has no fear, has no doubt, has no limitation.  There is that within me which guides me into opulence, into success, into harmony and love and beauty and friendship, and It does this in peace, in joy, in certainty.  I let that Divine within me - using whatever method It may - restore me to perfect health, perfect happiness and harmony and bring into my experience everything that is good, that is perfect, that is true and successful.

            I am not only one with this Spirit, but this Spirit is all that I am.  It is my whole being, and this Divine Wisdom is in my thought, causing me to act and move intelligently, to make right choices and to follow right pursuits.  There are no problems in this Divine Wisdom.  Therefore, the road is made straight before me; every obstacle is removed and I am led - irresistably led - to the Absolute, certain goal of Good, of accomplishment, of success.
                God Restores Me to Perfect Health .... and so it is, amen.