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Thursday, September 3, 2009

God's Grace Is Unlimited by Dr. Robert H. Bitzer

Whatever attention or help I may need is always forthcoming when I need it. God always maintains Its unity of being. Its creation forever lives and has its being in the One Presence. Its creative interest always sustains Its creation. It protects, guards, guides and nurtures it. Whatever is necessary is provided.

Spirit, as Its own creation, can never deteriorate nor disintegrate. My consciousness, my body and my finances are creations of Spirit. Spirit sustains Its own ideas by becoming the ideas It creates.

I am not subject to neglect. I cannot be misinformed nor misled. Infinite Intelligence provides me with the right information and knowledge. It reveals all I need to know about health and the maintenance of my body. It keeps me informed about finances. Mind is infinite in Its awareness and unlimited in Its ability to act. One with Its knowledge, I act from this limitless Being.
And so it is!
Dr. Robert H. Bitzer

Keep the faith!

Rev Bates