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Sunday, September 12, 2010

"I Give Peace To All" by Dr. Claudine Whitaker

Taken from Dr. Claudine Whitaker's book, "God IS in This Place" ...

The world's confusion and fear cannot penetrate to the center of my being where the Divine Presence abides. As there are depths in the ocean which storms never reach, so there is a Peace deep within me which is never disturbed by the tumult of the outer world. I turn my attention to this sanctuary of Peace. Here I am alone with God. I lay aside my fears and tensions. I say to my restless thoughts and turbulent emotions, "Hush, be still."

In this quiet I listen to what the Inner Voice would say to me. I am conscious of the healing Peace that is filling my whole being. Anxiety, weariness and discouragement are washed away. All sense of burden is lifted from me. This Divine Presence, which is the source of all and permeates all, has my loved ones in Its keeping and is in charge of my affairs. I carry God's peace with me to the day's activities and give peace to all whom I meet today.
And so it is.

Keep the faith!

Rev Bates