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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Love Is expanding my Good" - Rev. Bates

I rejoice and give thanks for the best of times and the best of everything, for I have established the Love of G-d in my consciousness. I know that this All-Present Spirit is right here, right where I am, giving me Its Power and Intelligence to guide me as I move forward, onward and upward towards a greater success and abundant living.

I know this "I Am" ... this G-d within me, Love Personified ... is expanding my awareness and spiritual perceptions tremendously.I have faith in what I am doing for I know that the Divine is guiding and directing me in definite ways towards that which is for my highest and greatest good and the good for all. I am blessed as I heighten my awareness of the Presence of G-d in all things that concern me. And, I know that my good expands because it is the Nature of the Infinite to expand the good as I see it expanded and multiplied.I affirm that only good comes to me and only good goes forth from me and I affirm this for each and every person who feels this same sense of the Presence within them, pressing against them, and surrounding them. I give thanks for this, now.

I have great faith in G-d, in myself, and in the Principle that I can absolutely depend on, always. I am blessed for knowing this and I receive all things that bless me in the right and perfect time, as Love expands my Good, always and in all ways.
And so it is.

Keep the faith!
Rev. Bates