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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Loving G-d, Loving Life, Prospering Abundantly by Rev-Henry Bates

"He who offers God a second place offers him no place." - RuskinG-d is Present.

G-d knows. G-d knows for me. I know that G-d is here, nearer than hands and feet. There is only G-d, for G-d is Spirit, Life and Truth. The Law of G-d is Absolute. It can be no other way for G-d is no respecter of persons and personal to All. G-d is the Source of Life, my life and All life. There is nothing else, no other Life, and so life must be a part of this One Life and so we are. Spirit, Mind, is everywhere. G-d's Peace is everywhere. Jesus knew this ... Buddha knew this ... and I know it.I am, because G-d Is. This is the Truth.

I am resigned to G-d's Love in all things. I am part of G-d's Love, G-d's Peace, G-d's Joy, strength and power. I am in the Presence and of the Presence and the Presence is Present with me, now. The Light of Truth shines through my consciousness.My life is guided and directed by the Law of G-d, for I know, and I know that I know, that G-d's Law is heavenly and happy. As I dwell on these things, my mind is open to the gifts of G-d however they may appear. I do not judge.

I let all my needs be met, effortlessly, joyfully. G-d's Intelligence reigns supreme within my mind as I recognize that this is so. G-d is the master within me, Emanuel. I have an unashamed devout love for G-d and for life, for living and for giving ... and so I always have something to live for and something to give. I am not impressed with the labels that the world ascribes to me for G-d has already imparted to me Its image and likeness. In this Spirit of knowing who I am and what I am about, success and prosperity come easily to me. I am always assured that G-d guides me through the desires of my heart and that I am aligned always, with the abundant good, enough to share and to spare. I do all things easily, without struggle, without worry, and without doubt, for I know that G-d is moving me toward that which prospers me abundantly.My gratitude reveals the "kingdom of heaven within me." I appreciate my G-d and I know that "of my own self, I can do nothing" and so I give all credit to G-d, to the Spirit that invites me to be grateful, to be loved, and to love G-d with all my heart and soul. It is in loving the Source of Life, that gives my life meaning and gratitude aligns me steadfast with this love as I release these words into the Love and Law of G-d, letting them be made manifest here and now.
And so it is.

Keep the faith!

Rev Bates