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Saturday, February 16, 2008

February 16, 2008 & Inner Stillness

I personally believe that all healing is done in the stillness, when our mind is completely relaxed and our level of trust in the Infinite Good quiets our mind. This writing came to me for my Good and for the Good of all those who read this blog:


Let us then labor for an inward stillness -
An inward stillness and an inward healing.
That perfect silence where the lips and heart
Are still, and we no longer entertain
Our own imperfect thoughts and vain opinions,
But God alone speaks in us and we wait
In singleness of heart that we may know
His will, and in the silence of our spirits,
That we may do His will and do that only.
- Longfellow

And in this study of evolutionary science of mind we know, that God's Will for us ... is that we choose the Good we desire to experience.

Keep the faith!
Rev. Bates

Friday, February 15, 2008

February 15, 2008 & I Know What To Do

As I look beyond the physical to the Spirit and affirm within my mind that I am One with Its Perfect Presence and Power, I know that I am transcending in mind, to a higher and greater experience of Life. Every thought in my mind is directed towards a greater and greater Good in all things. I will not be satisfied until I have realized every desire of my heart, for as I do, I know that I will meet God in my every transcendent experience. I do not fear uncertainty for I know with faith and conviction that God is always with me and that I am continually Divinely guided and directed. My every move is in right action, always moving me ever closer to my Good, which is God. I know that everything that I accept for myself and for others comes from One Infinite Source which always moves into my experience in the right and perfect time. There is no big or small to the One which Created All ... and so I am never hesitant to claim more and more Good, an ever increasing Good ... and accept it as mine. And so it is, now.

Keep the faith!
Rev. Bates

Thursday, February 14, 2008

February 14, 2008 - Valentine's Day

God is the only Presence and the only Power, and I am one with It. God's Love is my Love; Its intelligence floods my mind with Love. Love heals and nothing else can for Love Is God. I have great faith in the Power of Love and I know that God's Love is ever-lasting and unconditional. Nothing can prevent me from receiving and realizing the Love of God in my life. I am glad for knowing this is so. I believe in my heart and I consciously affirm in my mind that All Is God and All Is Love. I am filled with this Love and I willingly express this Love to all those who enter into my experience of life. Love lifts my spirit into a greater sense of enthusiasm and joy and I am very happy today, Valentine's Day, 2008. I affirm and accept that this Valentine's Day joy and happiness shall be mine from this moment on. I choose Love and I accept that Love chooses me ... and in this knowing I feel a tremendous sense of gratitude for Life and for Love ... and for God. And so it is.

Keep the faith!
Rev. Bates

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

February 13, 2008 & No Detours

I rejoice and give thanks in knowing my One-ness with God, Infinite Spirit. I know that the Spirit of God in me is my happiness, my joy, my peace, and my love. I know that this Life Is God, and I am a part of Life and so I am a part of God. There is no mystery in my relationship with God ... for God is all that I am. In this awareness, I know that Truth is a straight line ... God Is All and All Is God. Whatever I say, I am speaking to God. Whatever I think, I am thinking in God. Knowing that there is no separation from God, I know there are no detours to Truth, to spiritual awareness, or to God-consciousness. I am in God and God is in me ... and this is the Truth for everyone. My Good desires are God's desires for me, and so I do not waver in announcing the Good, in my mind, that I choose to experience in the physical. I know there is no separation from my mind and my experience ... and in this knowing I feel a great sense of freedom and joy. I am free to choose my Good ... and free to experience the joy in experiencing my choices daily. And so it is.

Keep the faith!
Rev. Bates

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

February 12, 2008 & See Results Only

In the awareness that God works through me, I know that this Omnipotent Power and Presence, works through my mind; through my thoughts and beliefs. Knowing this as the Truth for me and for everyone, I think only of the results that I want to experience. I maintain a power-positive conviction of successful and positive results manifesting in my experience in the right and perfect time and the right and perfect way. I am never disturbed by appearances or the opinions of others. I remain calm and steadfast in my faith. I believe and I know I believe in the resulting Good that is made manifest from my consciousness of success and prosperity. The images in my mind are filled with joy and expectancy of my Good. I accept within my mind a greater and more dynamic realization of my One-ness with the Good that is mine, now. I give thanks that it is so ... and I let it be so. And so it is!

Keep the faith!
Rev. Bates

Monday, February 11, 2008

February 11, 2008 & God-Potential

I rejoice and give thanks that I have the awareness that the Power and Presence of God is within me. Knowing that I am One with the Presence of God, I know that I am in the like-ness of God; Spirit, Life and Truth. The Truth of me is Wholeness. I am perfect and complete as I am part of God ... all that I am is God. I take charge of my life by continually releasing the God-potential within me. The Light of God indwells me and so I am guided and directed in all that I do. My life is exciting and my work is vital and beneficial to the world. I accept my life as God-expressing, and so all that I do, I do with love. I am this day living the life that is mine to live. I release my God-potential towards success, loving cooperation and abundant living. I am free to express the Presence of love, joy, happiness, harmony, peace and wisdom, as my consciousness is aligned with God-consciousness. This God-potential within me is confident, self-assured, and forward thinking. I advance along the straight line of Truth knowing that I can depend on, and have faith, in my ability to actualize the Good that I desire now ... and I do NOW. I am filled with enthusiasm as I always have enough to share and to spare of every Good thing. And this faith fills me with gratitude for Life, for God, and for the Joy of living. And so it is.

Keep the faith!
Rev. Bates

Sunday, February 10, 2008

February 10, 2008 & Prayer of Love & Friendship

This treatment was written by Ernest Holmes and can be found in the booklet, "Pray and Prosper" ... which I believe is out of print. The treatment is titled: "The Prayer of Love and Friendship":

"That they may be one, even as we are one. I perceive the Spirit of Wholeness, the Union of all Life. Deep within my being I know that I am One with all people, all ages, all events. I am One with the Infinite and the Eternal. I am One with all the Goodness there is; One with all Power and One with the only Presence; the Presence of God in me. In everyone I meet, I perceive this union. I meet It with joy; I am accepted by It even as I accept It. I cannot reject myself nor can I be rejected by myself. There is only One Self, which is God the Eternal Self. I am One with this Self; one with Love; one with Joy; one with Friendship.

This Oneness peoples my world with the loving attention of innumerable friends, with every human manifestation of the Divine Reality. I appreciate this Friend of mine Whom I meet in innumerable forms. Everywhere I go I shall meet Him, everywhere I look I shall see Him. I am held in the embrace of the Eternal Presence. Every thought of disunion, separation or unhappiness is forever gone from my mind. Love, Joy and Companionship are permanently established in my experience." And so it is.

Keep the faith!
Rev. Bates