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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Unlimited Love, Unlimited Life - Rev Bates

I rejoice and give thanks for knowing that everything that I experience is G-d revealing Itself to me. In Its infinite Love for that It has created, this Loving Infinite Presence is present at all times and in all things. I never waver in my recognition that G-d is Love and Love is G-d ... everything that I see is evidence that this is the truth. I give my self to this Loving-Presence as I bring G-d into my conscious mind; to contemplate, to appreciate, and to listen to that still small voice guide and direct me lovingly and intelligently.

I seek the Presence of G-d in all things that concern me for I know that as I recognize Love ... Love responds to me. Love is always giving. Love is patient and kind. Love does not insist on having Its own way but lets me choose the way in which I will experience It. Love rejoices in the truth, and so I speak my truth knowing that my words shall become the thing that I declare them to be. Love lets me name It ... and claim It, for my very own unique experience of Its loving expression. Love has no end, no finality ... but always an on-going experience in my life now and always. I am never stalled, delayed or denied, in my expression of love for it flourishes in me, through me and as me. It is the very life of all that I do, think and feel. It is the joy of living made manifest. It is unlimited in Its expression and It flows through me as unlimited Love and unlimited Life, now and throughout eternity.

And so it is.


Keep the faith!

Rev Bates