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Friday, August 31, 2007

August 31, 2007 & Recognition

God is Infinite and sometimes this infinity seems difficult to fathom, until we recognize that the Infinite Is Present at every "point of recognition." As we understand what the "point of recognition" means, then we realize that God is "closer to us than breathing" and this same is true at every point that we recognize the Presence of God. This is a blessing and very comforting when we understand that we can "recognize" the Presence of the Presence being with anyone at anytime. As we feel a sense of concern for someone, all we need do is get still and recognize that the Presence of God is with them ... at this point of our recognition ... and therefore, Good Is ... whatever that Good they may be they need to be more aware of. Let's affirm this and build a conviction in our mind:

Today, I consciously bring to the surface of my mind the recognition of God's Infinite Presence. I know that this Presence is closer to me than breathing for God Is Life Itself ... and where there is Life, there God Is ... always. I know that as I recognize the Presence of God in the life of anyone, this recognition becomes a dynamic thought that moves through Mind, which Is God, and is accepted in the mind of the person for whom I recognize this as so. I believe and know that all things are possible for God, Infinite Mind. I know that there is always a solution as Infinite Intelligence always works from the Truth and back to the Truth in All things ... this is a circle of Love; perfect, whole and complete ... and this is the action of God as It perfects that which concerns me. I accept this as the Truth ... and know that it is so for me and for all those who accept and recognize the Presence of the Presence of God in their lives and in the lives of those they love. And so it is.

Keep the faith!
Rev. Bates


dougnps said...
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dougnps said...

What a comfort it is to KNOW I mean really KNOW that GOD is that close. I'm so Grateful to be a person who believes GOD is in here (within us all) and not out there or up there. To believe that I am a part of GOD and that every part of me is in GOD and of GOD is so profound and yet so simple and perfect. Thank you Rev. Dr. Bates for these daily reminders that are so positive and uplifting.